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Really Exciting!

Really Exciting!
I just found this piece of paper with your email in it on the second container in the pack I got for my horse. So… its been almost a month he’s been on it already. I could have swore after even a week he was feeling better. I purchased him in January – he’s nothing fancy but the sweetest horse ever. We were told he’s somewhere around 11. The lady I purchased him bought him from a photo – he showed up skin and bones and wasn’t what she was looking for so 3 months later I ended up with him. I noticed he had a lump on his front left knee and didn’t like lifting it up. Now after being on your product he’s lifting it for me with little effort on my part! Its really exciting!

I found the product at Buckerfields in Parksville. I’m thankful to have something that works and is easy to use. There were other options at the store but a few of them needed to be given twice a day. How our place is set up is Carbon is on the back of the property roaming 60 something acres with the cows so finding him to give him things isn’t always easy – but he comes a running in the morning for his grain and alfalfa mash so that’s what I put it in.

My mom was the one who recommended it since she used it on her little Chihuahua with joint problems and it changed her life. She also recommended it to our family next door with a 11 year old Lab who has bad legs and though he still limps around, he’s obviously pain free as he’s got all his energy back and is the happiest boy on the planet!

So I wanted to thank you from all of us for changing our animals lives. It really is an amazing product that I would recommend again and again!

– Christina B.,
Vancouver Island, BC

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