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Olivia’s Story Will Make a Believer Out of You

Olivia’s Story Will Make a Believer Out of You
While on vacation, Olivia wasn’t given her Hip & Joint Support by her sitter. We noticed she was having difficulty walking, going up steps, and getting up on her bed. When we found out she didn’t have her Hip & Joint Support, right away we started her back on it. For 7 days we gave her double the amount until we started to see she was improving with her walking, then we slowly cut back to the right amount. No problems with her since. She’s been on this Hip & Joint Support since Feb 2017 and if anyone is skeptical if this product truly helps your pet I hope Olivia’s story will make a believer out of you. It was heartbreaking seeing how painful just walking was for her, now she’s back to running and jumping up on our bed.
Dawn L.,
Peterborough, ON

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