why liquid-vet?

My Life Changed!

My Life Changed!

Hi! I’m Ace. I’m 9 years old and I’m kind of a lump. My family tries to get me to move around but I’m kind of lazy. If I had to choose, I’d lay on the couch all day eating potato chips and watching reruns. My bratty little brother has enough energy for us both.

Last week, my life changed! My mom bought me this stuff called Liquid-Vet. It’s a liquid she gives at mealtime that tastes like pot roast (yum!). We’ve used other similar products in my family but not like this!

Now I am actually running and leaping and playing and singing. It’s crazy good what a difference this product has made in my life in just 8 days. You can see the bottle next to me. (I didn’t make it easy for my folks to take this picture, believe me). You know I had to be bribed with treats.

Liz N.,
Sarasota, FL

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