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My Cat Has Renewed Mobility

My Cat Has Renewed Mobility
I came across your Liquid-Vet Formula for Cats and decided to give it a try. My cat is almost 14 years old now and he has had some trouble with his legs over the last few years. The vet suggested I give him Vitamin E, and I had been using another formula from a specialty pet store, both of which he really disliked and had a minimal visible benefit. When I came across your product I figured it was worth a shot. I have to admit – It looked like water when I first opened the bottle and I really wasn’t very confident it would have any benefits at all. But… We’re now on our third bottle of this stuff because it works extremely well! My cat has renewed mobility, and is again able to jump up to his window and maneuver around my dog without any trouble at all!
Phil A.,
Regina, SK

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