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Muscle Tone is Beginning to Come Back

Muscle Tone is Beginning to Come Back

I am the owner of a very spoiled 5 year old Rottweiler named Sookie. (She is the 4th Rottie that we have been “parents” to.) Sookie was very active until about a year and a half ago. As much as we love her, surgery was not an option. Our local vet said that she would be OK but would walk with a limp and could have pain. My poor girl limped a little and I could even tell that the muscle tone in her back haunch was deteriorating, but she did not seem in much pain. At our local store, I saw your product; noticed that it said fast acting and thought that I would give it a shot. I am thrilled to report that 6 weeks later, our sweet Sookie girl does not walk with a limp (much), she is running around like a puppy again and the muscle tone is beginning to come back! We are on our second bottle of Liquid Vet and will continue to use the product faithfully. I even told a friend about the product for her 5 year old lab. Thank you for making a product that is easy to administer!

Eileen C.,
Lampasas, TX

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