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Makes Me Feel Good as His Mommy Puppy

Makes Me Feel Good as His Mommy Puppy

It was suggested by the local pet boutique here in Petawawa that I give Liquid-Vet a try for one of my three Golden Retrievers who is showing signs of stiffness in his right hip. As a nurse I am skeptical of products claiming to make differences in pets or humans that has not been scientifically proven to a doubt. However, I purchased a large bottle of Liquid-Vet and slowly introduced it to Kody. Within a week he was quicker getting up from lying down and was bouncing around like he has since a puppy again. This product makes me feel good as his Mommy Puppy as it provides visible relief of his discomfort. Thank you Liquid-Vet!

Pamela S.,
Pembroke, ON

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