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Looks Forward to the Meals

Looks Forward to the Meals

Chloe loves the stuff! Looks forward to her meals every night. She cries very obnoxiously till we give it to her and digs right in. I ran out so last night’s was without and she keeps looking at me this morning wondering why the heck I didn’t add it because clearly I must have forgotten last night lol. So the dish sits with morning feeding untouched:/ I will be going back for more.

Her hips have also not been causing as much pain as normal. Usually when bad weather moves in she gets really sore, but this last 2 days of constant cold rain and she hasn’t been limping at all and actually wants to play chase with the vacuum. Thank you and I hope your product keeps up with the quality and the price, as I compared ingredients and the price to others along with the ease of adding liquid with good flavor to her food. And its made in the U.S.A!

Jenni B.,
Greenleaf, WI

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