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Liquid-Vet Is Worth Every Penny

Liquid-Vet Is Worth Every Penny

We have a 13-year old Shih-Tzu named Elmo. About 9 months ago, he started to limp when getting up from a nap and he avoided steps and jumping. He stopped greeting us at the door because he was so stiff. I tried a variety of treatments and none seemed to have any effect. I pretty much resolved that he was going to have to go to the vet and either begin an expensive pain medicine or be put down. Mentally I was preparing myself for the worst. I truly believed Elmo, who has been my sidekick for over a decade, was near his end.

I found Liquid-Vet and saw the 2-week results statement and skeptically purchased it as a last resort before heading to the vet. To my amazement, after 2 weeks, Elmo is running up and down steps again! I asked my wife if she saw a difference, and she made the same statement, he is jumping and running again. He even greets us at the door (when not captivated by a deep sleep). Having been disappointed with every other brand I tried, including several recommended on TV and radio, I have to say your product does what it says. Liquid-Vet is worth every penny I paid. In today’s scamming and scheming marketplace, it is refreshing to see a product that lives up to what it advertises. You need to get this product into every animal supply store and veterinarian’s office in America!

Steven R.,
Milford, Delaware

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