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Liquid-Vet Is Easier on His Stomach

Liquid-Vet Is Easier on His Stomach

My dog’s name is Hunter and he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. He is about 10 years old and has some hip issues. We have seen an improvement over the past few months since using your product. We have tried other products which seem to upset his stomach causing him to throw up. Liquid-Vet is easier on his stomach as he has not had any digestive issues. In the picture below he is with Abby. I have 3 dogs, Bella who is about 6 and Abby is around 5. All my dogs are rescues and each has a story. Thankfully Abby and Bella are still at an age they do not require the Liquid-Vet as they do not have any mobility issues. If in the future they needed it I would not hesitate to provide it to them!

Suzanna L.
ON, Canada

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