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Liquid-Vet In My Food Bowl Helps Me Feel Good

Liquid-Vet In My Food Bowl Helps Me Feel Good

Hello, my name is Kianna and I am 13 1/2 years old. Tanya rescued me from a shelter!! At that time I was one and a half approximately. I was 20 pounds underweight and through the years my joints have gotten bad and now I’m overweight. I ache a lot in the evening so I ” talk” to Mum and dad a lot! Dad gets down on the floor with me and rubs my joints for about 45 minutes every night. Mum puts Liquid-Vet in my food bowl and that helps me feel good too!! They know when I’ve run out of Liquid-Vet because I “talk” a lot more and a lot longer in the evening. I’m so grateful they found this product because it’s giving me a little more time for activity and a little less time for pain. Getting old is tough it shouldn’t be painful as well. A lot of thanks to Jonathan, His wife, his four kids and all his pets for working so diligently to find something that helps me so much.

Tanya, Ed, & Kianna C.
Vancouver, Canada

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