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Liquid-Vet Has Helped To Keep Her Active And Pain Free

Liquid-Vet Has Helped To Keep Her Active And Pain Free

Lacy is a five year old German Shepherd. When she was three years old she developed joint pain. She was given a shot once a month for her joints and medication every day for the pain. Before she could take this medication she had to have her blood tested, apparently it could damage the liver and kidneys. I was not comfortable giving her something that could possibly do her some harm, so when I heard about Liquid-Vet I wanted to try it on Lacy.

Lacy is an active dog, we go for long walks every day or we go to the dog park…she loves the dog park, especially if someone is throwing a ball or a Frisbee. She always joins the game and never stops running and playing. The worst part of taking her to the dog park is she never wants to come home. Liquid-Vet has helped to keep her active and pain free, it is a safe product and costs one-third of what I was paying the Vet. Thank you Jonathan for a good product.

Barbara B.
Aylmer, ON

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