why liquid-vet?

LIQUID-VET Has Been a True Gift To Us

LIQUID-VET Has Been a True Gift To Us

Baby is a female mixed breed dog that we rescued more than 15 years ago (2002), so you an understand her issues with age at this point in time. We visited our veterinarian approximately 8 months ago, who advised us that it may be close to Baby’s last days, with serious issues in her hips and legs. The veterinarian prescribed some pain medicine to make it easier on Baby. She was actually unable to walk – only drag her hindquarters. We elected to search out additional options and discovered LIQUID-VET as a potential help for her. We immediately started giving LIQUID-VET to her, and within 2-3 weeks, Baby was up and walking and responding much better. In fact, she even began to do some running while outside. As of this writing, Baby maintains a good and comfortable daily routine that involves long walks on our acreage and even runs to keep us with our younger dogs. LIQUID-VET has been a true gift to us and our grand lady BABY!!

Frank & Pat B.,
Mosheim, TN

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