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Liquid-Vet Has Been a Godsend

Liquid-Vet Has Been a Godsend

I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know Liquid-Vet has been a godsend for my 9.5 year old black lab. Luna is a service dog and has put in many, many hours helping. She has always had her doggie time as well and used to love her three hour hikes in the mountains of BC. A few months back she just couldn’t keep up though and would come home and limp for a day or two until we finally stopped going on long walks. Someone suggested your product. Within 2 days she hasn’t limped since. We are now on our second bottle with intentions of keeping it a part of her regime. Thank you for helping this great working dog get back on her feet and back to enjoying her down time!

Shelley G.,
Mission, BC

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