why liquid-vet?



You have come up with the most WONDERFUL product. My baby girl Nugget is a 13 year old pound puppy. When I got her from the pound she was a year old and had recovered from a broken leg. She has been my companion for all these years. About a year ago she started having trouble with her back legs and getting up. We tried everything, nothing worked. My friends told me I needed to put her down because I was being cruel, she couldn’t get up without help and could barely walk. I just couldn’t do it. Then we found your product Liquid-Vet. IT`S A MIRACLE!!!!!! SHE IS UP AND WALKING BY HERSELF, AND SHE IS TROTTING AROUND THE YARD AND PLAYING WITH OUR 2 JACK RUSSELS. We can never thank you enough for giving us our girl back so she can live out her life being happy. It is the easiest product to use, no pills or nasty flavor medicine that you have to fight to give her. Just dose at mealtime and she eats it right up. It even smells like pot roast she loves it, and we saw results within the first week. We hope your company takes off and that we will be able to continue to buy it in the stores. All of our friends are trying it and wish that you had it in more stores. Thank you!

Mary H.,
Sarasota, FL

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