why liquid-vet?


I have been using the Liquid Vet Itch and Allergy liquid. We call it our ‘itchy juice’ at dinner time.  Layla is my new rescue from Alabama, pictured medium sized as red brown bull dog mix. (my pack is also Hattie Mae terrier and Elsie bull mastiff boxer!)  I adopted her at 8 weeks old right off the van from down South . She had terrible skin issues. Red bumps, flaking and constant chewing and scratching. The vet suggested steroids, which to me are a LAST resort. I googled you on line and  within a week of her first bottle, she had significant improvement.  I was amazed, as nothing else was working; including special baths and other topical treatments. Now she has the most glossy, shiny coat and is so happy and comfortable. She has zero skin issues! I give her one capful per day on her chow. Thank you for providing such  FANTASTIC natural product.

Heather D.

Kittery, ME

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