why liquid-vet?

It Worked!!!!

It Worked!!!!

Hi, I purchased my first bottle of Liquid-Vet for my dog, “Tebow” he is a 9 yr old Cardigan Corgi, who had back surgery 2 yrs ago. I was trying to find something that would help him feel good again, and get him to move, and act as he did when he was younger. I found your product, and gave it a try. It worked!!!! He now runs, chases rabbits, and acts like his old self. I don’t know how long he will be a young old dog, but am thankful for your wonderful product. He loves it in his food, and I have seen no bad effects, only good ones. I will continue to use this wonderful life saving product as long as our little Tebow is with us. Thank you for making a great product that WORKS, and is affordable.

Babs A.,
Scottsville, KY

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