why liquid-vet?

It is Truly a Lifesaver

It is Truly a Lifesaver

I have a 10 month old dog that is already having joint issues. My vet recommended putting him on a joint supplement to help him out. I tried countless products ranging from chews to pills & nothing seemed to help. We thought that our poor guy would need surgery already at such a young age. I was in the store and noticed your product, I hadn’t tried a liquid supplement yet but I figured I had nothing to lose. Within 2 days of taking the product my dog was already starting to be less stiff. Now, after 1 week of taking the product he can stand up first thing in the morning & be ready to go. He has so much energy. He eagerly wants to play and chase stuff again. I hadn’t seen him this way since he was a few months old. I’m VERY grateful for your product. It has given my dog his life back. It is truly a lifesaver.

Cassie P.,
Ahoskie, NC

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