why liquid-vet?

Improves Quality of Life in Old Age

I don’t usually write reviews, but I must write about this product. My 12 year old yellow Lab has been taking this for 10 months now, and we noticed a difference right from the beginning. I believe he was more energetic and willing to play with my younger dog because he was able to move more easily. A couple of weeks ago we ran out of Liquid-Vet for a few days, and it seems like all he wanted to do was lie around. He even had significant difficulty getting up. After two days back on Liquid-Vet, he was back to normal. If this stuff helps him feel well enough to play with the other dog a few times during the day, makes his getting up and down a little easier, and generally just maintains his quality of life in his old age, I’m all for it! Believe me, we will never run out of Liquid-Vet again.


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