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I Want This Dog to Last “Forever” & Hopefully Now, With Less Pain, Thanks To You

I Want This Dog to Last “Forever” & Hopefully Now, With Less Pain, Thanks To You

My dog Sandy, a Cockapoo, is now 12 years old and she has been having a hard time with stiffness when coming in from the cold. Last winter was her worse winter and I was not looking forward to this winter. So, I decided to look for a product that had medicine in it to help with joints.  I found your product and was so impressed that it had many beneficial ingredients in it. All of these ingredients were important to find and to find them all in one product was a bonus!!! Sandy is almost through her first bottle and I did notice her pain seemed to be maintained after 2 weeks but more so now. After all, she is 12 years old and has suffered with this pain for the last 3 years. Just wished I would have had this product earlier. Thank you so very much for putting this product together and I do use the liquid so it is very convenient to just pour it over her food. Sandy has eaten a homemade diet for 8 years now, and loves it by the way, so putting this on her food is great and she licks her plate to no end so I’m sure she gets every drop of it. Again, can’t thank you enough. I want this dog to last “forever” and hopefully now, with less pain, thanks to you!!!

Dorine S.,
North Augusta, ON

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