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I Still Can’t Believe It!

I Still Can’t Believe It!

I rarely give feedback on products I use, but I had to share Stewart’s story. We adopted him from the local shelter about four years ago.

Over this time, his hips became so lame that he was literally crawling across the kitchen floor to go out side. We even resorted to putting him a small rugs and dragging him with the rug to get him outside.

I tried many different products that made little to no improvement. Until three weeks ago I saw Liquid-Vet at my local pet store and decided it couldn’t hurt to buy the trial size.

I still can’t believe that in the past three weeks, Stewart is now able to get up with little to no struggle and walks all the way across the kitchen to get outside. He is even attempting the three steps down, usually with pretty good success. We do have to help a little with the steps back up, but that is nothing compared to the process it was prior to Liquid Vet!

Kathy S.,

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