why liquid-vet?



I went on an 18 day trip out west and my dog didn’t do well while I was gone. The person taking care of my dog didn’t give the Liquid-Vet Hip and Joint Support the full time, just some chews. The second day after I got back, she wasn’t able to get her hind legs & rump up. She would try, scoot, and fall down. I gave her a double dose of the liquid, but had to go buy more because I ran out. So the next day, I continued to give her more than the recommended dose, and she was finally able to get up, slowly, but at least she could walk. I then gave her two capfuls daily for several days, and she got better, and is still doing great. Today you wouldn’t know she couldn’t get up for almost 15 hours two weeks ago. I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!

– Judy S.

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