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I Have Seen Ample Difference in our Captain

I Have Seen Ample Difference in our Captain

Captain was having some hip troubles after playing hard at the dog park. He would whimper when climbing onto the couch or bed & sometimes even panic when you attempted to touch his back end. This would only occur for a short period of time, on & off for about a month. I finally decided that it had to be something more than just tenderness after play, so we went to the vet. They wanted to do overly expensive x-rays & tests. I left the vet with my options to think them over with Captain’s dad.

He referred me to his colleagues spouse who has some experience with joint pain in dogs & she recommended glucosamine be added to his diet. I went to Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails with the simple mission of getting glucosamine & was shown two options. Your product not only had more amount wise, but also had more within it compared to the other on the shelf & it cost less. I bought my second bottle this week & won’t be stopping anytime soon. I have seen ample difference in our Captain & no complaints or whimpering since we started using it. You must LOVE your dog as much as we do to have created a product that works.

Danielle D.

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