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I Have Enjoyed My Pet For Three More Years

I Have Enjoyed My Pet For Three More Years

Hi I am emailing you to let you know of my success with using your product on my German Shepherd Dog. Four years ago my vet told me that my Dog Copper had severe hip problems and would not last a year unless I stopped throwing his ball and not allow him to chase me in the quad. Well I heard of your product from a pet store and have been using it every day since. His coat (for an old Dog) is beautiful and he still runs for his favorite ‘yellow’ ball. Almost every day he still follows me on the quad to the lake and I throw sticks for him. Although somewhat slower he still loves chasing me in the quad. I have enjoyed my pet for three more years simply because you put out such a good product and I was lucky enough to have heard of it!

Nico V
Sorrento, BC

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