why liquid-vet?

I Found it to be Effective

I Found it to be Effective

I have used two bottles of Liquid-Vet Joint and on my third bottle for my seven year old Lab.

Last year the vet said that she should get an operation on her back leg and hip which was to cost $4,000.00 plus because when she layed down she had a hard time getting up until she stretched her leg…except when she was running a lot and then would start limping.

I didn’t feel that this was an option as the recovery time was going to be long (no guarantee that it would work) and this dog is very active and according to the vet she would have to be calm for a few months (not this dog).

I went to my local pet store and the clerk there recommended Liquid-Vet and I have found it to be effective. When she gets up she is not as restrictive as she was and she chases her ball out side for longer periods of time without limping as she did previously.

John L.
Sydney NS

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