why liquid-vet?

I Bought Your Product For Preventative Medicine

I Bought Your Product For Preventative Medicine

I bought a bottle of Liquid-Vet today for the first time. I have two labs, Jax & Maggy. Ages 2 1/2 and almost 3. Both are great duck dogs and extremely active to say the least. Both are in excellent shape and swim everyday. Very very strong swimmers. Even for labs. I have had the 3 year old in the water for 10 hours straight while duck hunting numerous times. Neither has a joint issue and with the help of products like yours, I want to keep it that way. I bought your product for preventative medicine. I know Labs are prone to joint issues and I am trying to stay ahead of the curve. I feed them the best there is to offer. They also get sardines everyday. They use ramps into and out of my truck all the time. I am very cautious of their joints and health in general. Thanks for what appears to be a great product.

Harry D.,
ON, Canada

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