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I Am Your Biggest Fan!

I Am Your Biggest Fan!

Your product is AMAZING! Brody is a 130lb mixed breed who was rescued, as a pup, in Hawaii. No matter what, he cried when he got up. He slept most of the time, as anything else was too painful. I was worried that he would not be with me too much longer, as his hips were so painful. My local pet store suggested your product and it was a Godsend! Brody is like a puppy again! No more grumpiness! His coat looks great and even glistens in the sunshine. I take him on long walks, he hops up on the couch (grrr) and the bed (double grrrr) and even chewed a shoe…. just like he did as a pup!!! Thank you for giving him a new lease on a life that can be enjoyed and lived to the fullest! I am your biggest fan and sing the praises of your product all the time.

Donna H.
Tampa, FL

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