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He Sometimes Even Jogs on Walks

He Sometimes Even Jogs on Walks

We have been using Liquid-Vet for the past several months as recommended by our local feed mill. Our family adopted an Alaskan Malamute named Mulligan, seven years ago. Mulligan was in our local shelter and they didn’t have a background on him. We guess his age to be somewhere between 10-14 years old. For the past year, he has been showing his age. He has joint pain and is ten pounds overweight, despite our efforts. He was experiencing increasing difficulty in using stairs and getting up from a laying position. After several expensive visits to the veterinarian’s office, we decided to check out the feed mill for equivalent products to the overpriced ones they were promoting at the vet’s office. We found your product to be reasonably priced and seems to be helping Mulligan with his mobility. He no longer yelps when getting up, and sometimes even jogs on walks. We alternate between your two flavours (pot roast and chicken) and think it’s great you have thought of the dogs’ taste buds. We hope you continue with your successful product and will be happy to purchase this as long as Mulligan is with us. Thank you!!

Czichrak family
Stevensville, ON

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