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Great Product That is Very Easy to Give!

Great Product That is Very Easy to Give!

One of my dogs, Jack, tore his knee up last summer playing fetch and required cruciate surgery to repair the damage. After almost a year, the repair did not seem to get him back to 100% and my concern took me back to the vet who performed the surgery. After looking over his notes on the procedure, he told me that the ligament repair was OK, but there seemed to be damage to the joint itself and recommended that I put him on a daily supplement. Prior to putting him on your Liquid-Vet, Jack would wake in the morning and begin his day on three legs and gradually get the repaired one loosened up and use it. This was also the case when Jack would play too much. After about 1/2 of a 32 oz bottle of your Liquid-Vet, I am happy to say that Jack wakes in the morning with all four legs on the ground and his play activity has not led him to limping around afterwards. I just purchased my second bottle and have others using it as well. I am pleased with the results and will continue to use it as Jacks quality of life is very important to me. Thanks for a great product that is very easy to give!

Steve B.,
Minneapolis/St. Paul area, MN

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