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Give it 5 Stars

Give it 5 Stars

My Beau bear is not a old dog, he’s a healthy 3 year old sometimes playful 75lb American Bully who I adopted. Due to breeding at just over 1 and a half he was limping, put on a strict limited play schedule, very limited food and basically deemed useless to his owner, and that’s why I have him.

We have tried several supplements but nothing really improved his knees. The vet was suggesting pain shots to reduce his pain and that’s all they could really do. I watched my baby struggle to get up out of his doggy bed and at this point he couldn’t even jump into our bed. I can’t lie I was pretty sure it wouldnt make any difference. But my boyfriend and I woke up one night to find him on the bed. Now we both said we didn’t put him on the bed but I was sure he was messing with me and did. I started to notice be got up with more ease, climbing on the couch was quicker, and I could let him and his brother play outside and he wasn’t in horrible pain the next day!!


About a month into using your product and again we found him on our bed! This time no doubt it was him by himself! He seems able to move better and with more ease! Not to mention sometimes he can be a picky eater but he loves his capful on his food, he gobbles it right up! Licking his bowl clean (his favorite flavor is pot roast yumm). So not only do I thank you for your product and give it 5 stars, Beau thanks you and that’s all paws for you!!

Deona S.
Gainesville, FL

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