why liquid-vet?

Even My Cats Sneak Into the Dog Food

I have purchased both flavors of this formula now for my dogs, one of which has bad shoulders and hips. Never have I had luck with pills that actually did what the claims said on the bottle until I discovered Liquid-Vet. In fact, I called the CEO directly to tell him the difference this has made in my dog with issues, and he actually CALLED ME BACK!! That level of customer service is unheard of today. Both my dogs get the dose of Liquid-Vet at mealtime each day, and the my older dog, Bear acts like a puppy again and can even jump back in bed, up in the truck, and on the coach with ease now. He couldn’t do that without pain just 2 WEEKS before I started him on this product. Even my cats sneak into the dog food now to get a taste. Ha. Thank you for making a product that is easier to use than pills. My dogs are clearly much happy and energetic than before. I’ll be a loyal customer as long as I have dogs.


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