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Does Wonders For my Fur Babies

Does Wonders For my Fur Babies

I have been using your product for about a year now. I have two English Mastiff’s and a Border Collie. My oldest girl turned 12 in November last year. I have had her since she was about 4 weeks old and I believe she is probably mixed with English Mastiff and German Shepherd. She has had back hip problems her whole life and has developed stiffness in her neck/front leg area in the past few years. As she is also an extra large breed, I started her on joint supplements early on.

With our Border Collie, I tried to get her on supplements but as soon as the pills were ingested, they came back up again, along with everything else. I was a little hesitant to try Liquid-Vet with her because she has such a strong reaction to other supplements. I gave it to her and she did fine with it and it helps her eat as she can be finicky about food. Now she is able to go for walks again without limping for the next couple of days afterwards.

At one point, I ran out of Liquid-Vet so I bought another product. She went downhill on the other product, so we are back with Liquid-Vet. I now have your website book marked so I know where you are on the shelf and/or can order direct.

Thank you for such a high quality product and please know my household will continue to buy Liquid-Vet as it does wonders for my fur babies.

Jenny C.,
St. Petersburg, FL

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