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Dallas is Back!

Dallas is Back!

“I live in Hawaii with my wife and two kids and 5 dogs. I’ve used numerous different types of products. Liquid-Vet is by far the most effective.

One of my dogs, Dallas is a 13 year old Pitbull that had a very active youth. When Dallas was young we would take him to the beach everyday. He loved to swim and play fetch and roll around in the sand. This was a little odd because Pitbulls aren’t known for loving the water. We would leave Dallas in the backyard when we went to school each day. Our backyard was fenced in by a 5 foot center-block wall. Each day when I would get home I would notice that Dallas would be wet and sandy. We thought this was a little mysterious. So my dad thought it would be a good idea to spy on Dallas. Low and behold Dallas would Jump up on the 5 foot wall and jump down and go to the beach. Then in about 30 minutes he would jump back on the wall and back into the backyard like nothing ever happened.

Dallas’ strenuous activity would eventually catch up with him. It wasn’t to about 3 years ago Dallas started moving slower and not being his normal ultra active self. He has a really hard time climbing stairs and jumping or running. It killed me to see him in this state of immobility. That’s when I started giving him different types of products. Nothing really provided him comfort. Until I bought your product. Within weeks Dallas was significantly more active. I have been using your product for a little over 5 months now and I have witnessed first hand how your product has enhanced the quality of life for Dallas. Dallas is back!

It brings me to tears writing this email. Dallas is a huge part of my life. I never knew I could love a dog this much. We got him when I was 15 years old, and now I’m 28. Being able to provide him with a more comfortable life is the least I can do for all the joy and love he has given me over the that last 13 years.

Mahalo Nui Loa (Thank you very much).”

– Seth E.

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