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Liquid-Vet Cat Kidney & Bladder Formulas


  • Get Your Cat Using the Litter Box Again
  • Electrolytes PLUS Glucosamine to Balance Potassium Levels AND Protect Urinary Tract
  • Easier to Feed than Sprinkles or Chews
  • Available in Your Cat’s Choice of Delicious Chicken or Real Seafood Flavors
  • 100-Percent Made in the USA united_states_of_america

Does your cat seem to have problems making it to the litter box? Does he or she push those hard to feed sprinkle type supplements to the bottom of the bowl? Then, fast acting, easy to feed Liquid-Vet® Cat Kidney & Bladder Formulas is the answer for your cat.

Liquid-Vet® Cat Kidney & Bladder Formula is the only formula with both glucosamine and electrolytes to help balance kidney potassium levels AND protect urinary tract lining. Use Liquid-Vet® Cat Kidney & Bladder Formulas to encourage your kitty to get the fluids and electrolytes it may need from recent surgery, sickness, diarrhea, or vomiting.

Liquid-Vet® Cat Kidney & Bladder Formulas rehydrates your cat FAST and stimulates appetite. Simply feed at mealtime once per day.

Don’t believe it? Well, check out the hundreds of testimonials on our website from cat owners just like yourself. Plus, remember that Liquid-Vet offers a 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee on all of formulas manufactured and tested in our own facility here in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. So, give your kitty the kidney and bladder formula he or she will crave and deserves today!

330 mg Glucosamine
7.5 mg Potassium
10 mg Sodium

Directions for Use
Using the cap, simply feed at mealtime once daily. For cats and kittens under 10 pounds, provide 1.5 teaspoons (approximately ¼ of the cap). For cats and kittens 10 pounds and over, provide 2 teaspoons (approximately 1/3 of the cap).

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