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Testimonials: Liquid-Vet Formulas for Dogs

Thank You!

My dog is still alive because of Liquid-Vet. Thank you! Bill Clearwater, FL

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Improves Quality of Life in Old Age

I don’t usually write reviews, but I must write about this product. My 12 year old yellow Lab has been taking this for 10 months now, and we noticed a difference right from the beginning. I believe he was more energetic and willing to play with my younger dog because he was able to move …

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Running Around Again Like a Nut

I have a Rottweiler who is 6 yrs old and has battled joint pain since very young. I purchased Liquid-Vet at my local grocery store. Since using it, Lexi is running around again like a nut! Thank you! Betsy Tampa, FL

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Enjoys Daily Walks Without Stopping

We have 2 Golden Retrievers (ages 7 and 9). Our older one (Morgan) was having an increasingly hard time going for his daily walks without stopping several times. We have tried many supplements over the years but never really found one that seemed to work. My friend told me about Liquid-Vet and we placed our first …

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WOW What a Difference

My great Pyrenees, Sophia, has had knee problems since she was 6 months old. She started moving a bit slower and having a bit of difficulty getting up. I’ve tried many over-the-counter remedies, but nothing did very well. I discovered Liquid-Vet chicken flavor at a local pet store. Seeing that it was holistic and made in …

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Working Well for Arthritis

We have been using your Liquid-Vet product for a couple of months now and it seems to be working well for our dog. We were giving him supplements from our vet but they were difficult to give him because they were large pills and he didn’t like their flavour. When we saw your product we …

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