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Testimonials: Liquid-Vet Formulas for Dogs

Getting Much Better Results

I tried pills with my Sheltie but I’m getting much better results with your product. Plus, it is much easier to give as a flavored liquid than the pills that I had to try to hide or crush up, and my dog really didn’t care for the taste at all of those pills. Brandon Clearwater, …

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Your Product is One of The Good Ones

I am a current purchaser of your Liquid-Vet Joint Formula. I am very happy with the product and will be purchasing a larger size. Keep up the good work. Your product is one of the good ones. Thanks. Randy St. Petersburg, FL

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Clearly More Confident in Her Hips

We got our eight year old Shepherd Dakota from the local shepherd rescue outfit at two years old. She had great spirit but it took her a while to stand up. I believe she had been continually kept in a crate. She was a mess. It took me two years to get her strong enough …

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Not Easy to Force Medicine on 145lb Mastiff

My dog won’t take pills so I gave up giving him them. Then I saw your product and he eats it without a problem. Without your product, my dog would not get a full measure of his joint medicine. If your 145 pound Mastiff won’t take his medicine, there is not a lot you can …

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Will Continue to Buy

I own a 5 year old Belgian Shepherd and he has stiffness in his arms (between the radius and ulna bone) in both arms, as well as hip issues. I do like the product very much and will continue to buy it and even will be placing my smaller dog on it. Autumn Niagara Falls, ON

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Highly Recommend for Large Breeds

This product has made an amazing change in my old dog, who is 10-1/2 yrs old and is a giant breed (Black Russian Terrier). He has had loss of mobility for a few years now. Our groomer recommended this product, and he is now able to jump on the bed (he’s allowed!) and the futon, …

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Difference was Night and Day

We use your product for our dog, Sabrina an English Springer Spaniel who is 9 and it is an AMAZING product. The difference in her was night and day!!! We are so thrilled as the vet wanted to do more tests and we came across Liquid-Vet. She is now back to her normal self. We recently …

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