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Testimonials: Happy Customer

4 Days,3 Cats, 2 Happy Cat Parents, & 1 Cat Hip & Joint Bottle!

Hi Jonathan, On 10/17/2021 we purchased 1 8oz bottle of Hip & Joint Support Allergy-Friendly Unflavored Cat Supplement to try on our 3 Maine Coon cats, 2 of them a male 11 years old and a female 3 years old have hip and knee problems especially our little girl cat and I can truly say …

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No more itching for Gene Aurimmeow!

We are into our 3rd bottle of this Itch & Allergy Formula. It has done wonders for our senior kitty, Gene Auriemmeow who has suffered terribly with open weeping hot spots from allergies and his over grooming. Thank you and God Bless! Mary D. Connecticut, USA

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Back to Farming With His Family!

Chewy’s back to farming with his family! I have been using Liquid-Vet Hip & Joint supplement for my older large Bouvier des Flanders, Chewy with his back problems and it has helped him in our colder Canadian climate. Cat T. NB, Canada

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The first product truly working for Teo!

I purchased Liquid-Vet for my boy, Teo. He is an 8-year-old half Lab/Pit mix. Teo had injured both hind legs trying to chase another dog and in doing so, injured both hind legs that left him unable to walk for an entire week. I have purchased countless products for his hip and joints and none …

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Dutchess has gained back her mobility

💗Dutchess & her Liquid-Vet! I have used 3 bottles on my dog, and she has been moving and climbing steps 80% better. She is a 12-year-old pit bull baby of my life with arthritis in her front shoulders. Before Liquid-Vet we had no clue what we were going to do but now hopefully we have …

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Baby is still keeping up with the 1 year old!

💨Still keeping up with the one-year-old! 💨 We have a 13-year-old lab, 💗Baby and when she started having joint issues, we tried different products to try and help her. We were unsuccessful until we came across your product. Within a week we could see small changes in her. It has been about a year and …

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Meatball loves his Liquid-Vet!

Is Liquid-Vet 😋Tasty 4 Pets? Ask 🐈Meatball. By the end of the second week, the change was night and day! Meatball is back 100% to his normal self. We give him his ‘vitamins’ every morning with his treats. The treats soak it all up and he just eats his treats. Sometimes, he doesn’t even wait …

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I Love This Stuff

My name is Lady and I am 16 years old. When my dad put me on Liquid-Vet, I could barely walk. After a couple of days, I noticed I could walk better and now on the third bottle and look forward to taking it each morning. I love this stuff. – John P.

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