why liquid-vet?

Buying it for the Rest of His Life!

Buying it for the Rest of His Life!

I have a four year old, 100 pound, Lab, Boxer, Dane mix. From the time he was a pup, the vet told me his hips were not right and he would eventually have problems.

About 3 months ago, all of a sudden he started limping and struggling to walk. You could tell he was in pain. Out of desperation I went to my local pet store and asked for a product. They recommended your product. I bought the pot roast flavor.

I started giving it to him immediately and after only FOUR days he was back to normal. Quite honestly I really thought that he must have just been injured and got better. I continued with your product and then bought the second bottle. I decided that I would cut back and just give it to him every other day, since I wasn’t convinced your product is what cured him. After about two weeks he started limping again and once again was clearly in pain. I immediately started giving it to him daily again. After only THREE days he was back to normal!

I am sold on your product!! I will be buying it monthly for the rest of his life! I am totally convinced that your product is responsible for keeping my Huey comfortable.

Margaret A.
Tampa, FL

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