why liquid-vet?

Amazing. Easy.

Amazing. Easy.
In January, my husband and I rescued a 3 year old German Shepherd who was abused by the previous owner. When we brought Ralphie home, he was not able to walk without falling over, run, or jump. We took Ralphie to the vet and the vet said we had the option to do hip surgery or try joint food and supplements. My husband and I agreed that surgery would be the last option.
I went to the store and found Liquid-Vet. It looked easy because I could just put it in water and our other dog could drink it too. Pills and joint treats would not work because Ralphie would not eat treats. In just 3 weeks, Ralphie can walk without falling, run, jump, and stand on his back legs. Ralphie now loves to jump on the bed because he was never able to do that before. This Liquid-Vet product is amazing and Ralphie can now have his life back as a normal dog.
– Kari B.,
Chickasaw, OH

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