why liquid-vet?



We’re on the second bottle with our aging female cats, one is 20 and the other is 16. The 16 year old I think she was born with a hip problem. We’ve have had her on another product, but it had only minor benefits and was expensive. SO, I thought I’d try your product, nothing to lose.

The results have been amazing!! This was a cat that slept most of the day, rarely wanted a fuss, and couldn’t even get up in a chair without kind of bouncing up and down till she got momentum!! Even though her name is Velcro (because she was a clingy cat when younger), she just wanted to be one her own. Since being on your product, she now wants to be with us and always wants a fuss. She can literally run around and jump up on the chairs without hesitation. I HAVE to put this down to your product, there is no other explanation for the difference.

-Geoff & Linda C.,
Chatham, ON

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