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Acting Like Dogs Half Their Age

I want to take a moment to tell everyone about a wonderful product that truly does just what the company says it will do. I first ran into the Liquid-Vet product line at my local grocery store and I thought it would be worth a try as the company was offering a money back guarantee if it didn’t live up to the company’s claims. My wife and I have three small dogs, two of them are over ten years old and one is barely two years old. I took your formula home and explained how to dispense it to the dogs. The two older dogs were acting like dogs half their age or less. They were running and jumping like I had not seen them do in years. Buddy, a Maltese, became more limber with each day of consuming Liquid-Vet chicken flavor. Jerry, our rescue mutt with only one eye, began jumping up on the sofa again after waiting for me to lift him up for many months. My wife and I were so pleased with the product that I returned to the store to buy more and was told that they do not carry Liquid-Vet on a regular basis. I told the manager that they were really missing the boat by not carrying the product and went on to tell him how very happy my wife and I are. I began to panic because my supply was dwindling rapidly and I wanted to be able to continue use. In desperation, I contacted the company to try to learn where I could buy a supply and they suggested that I try an online store. Sure enough, the online store had a small supply of the product in stock so I replenished my supply and the dogs are still doing just great. Thank you Liquid-Vet for help in keeping our dogs’ lives in peak condition.

Parrish, FL

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