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A Lot More Affordable

A Lot More Affordable

I have a six 1/2 year old pure breed male Rottweiler named Spike. I went to my vet’s office and she suggested to me “Bites.” I purchased these “bites” for $49.99 and because my dog weighs 130lbs.. He received approx. 4 bites a day. Spike ended up finishing the bag in a week and a half, due to myself being a recently graduated student, I did not have the finances available to afford these bites.. One day, I was walking in my local pet store and I saw the picture of the Rottweiler on your bottle, which caused me to pick it up and review your product. I immediately bought it to see if Spike would prefer this method (liquid) and if it would show a difference in his energy and performance levels during physical activity. I am just about finishing up my first bottle and Spike is loving the formula and I can see a difference in my dog’s overall performance!! He seems to be much happier and energetic when we go for walks! Thank you for this wonderful product! Next time I go see my vet, I will suggest to her your product to her clients instead because it is a lot more affordable and it works great!! 🙂

Rebecca R.,
Timmons, ON

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