why liquid-vet?

A Long Healthy Life

A Long Healthy Life

Sampson is our senior dog…He is a 9 year old yellow Lab/Bullmasiff. Since he has been taking his Liquid-Vet Joint he has more energy, wants to play, and his coat is beautiful & shiny. We walk between 3-5 Kms per day….loving it.
And Charli our little 3 year old 45 lb Husky/Collie mix. He is new to our family but I also give him the Liquid-Vet. His coat is beautiful and he most certainly does lots of walking with lots of energy. And when the walking is done…we have two very tired content puppies! I thank you again for giving our dogs the good stuff they deserve to live a long healthy life.

Vicky M.,
NS, Canada

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