why liquid-vet?

A Genuine Relief for Joint Issues

We want to thank you for offering such a great product. We truly believe it is a genuine relief to pets that have joint issues. Our dog Shadow displayed signs of normal age in his hips with shaking and after using your product that stopped and he appeared to have extra energy and had an almost puppy like energy. On January 13, at the age of 10 we let Shadow go to a better place. We do believe that the product you supply may have helped his pain as he did show signs of energy and seemed able to move around better for at least 6 months prior to his death. We just wanted to let you know that we really appreciated the quality of your product, the manner in which you do business, and all of the help you gave our beloved Shadow. We have passed on your information to our friends & vet and will continue to recommend your product to anyone we meet with pets going forward. Thank you again for everything you gave our beloved puppy. May you have great success with your business.

Michael & Valessa
Wesley Chapel FL

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