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4 Days,3 Cats, 2 Happy Cat Parents, & 1 Cat Hip & Joint Bottle!

4 Days,3 Cats, 2 Happy Cat Parents, & 1 Cat Hip & Joint Bottle!

Hi Jonathan, On 10/17/2021 we purchased 1 8oz bottle of Hip & Joint Support Allergy-Friendly Unflavored Cat Supplement to try on our 3 Maine Coon cats, 2 of them a male 11 years old and a female 3 years old have hip and knee problems especially our little girl cat and I can truly say all three of our cats (even the healthy one) have shown remarkable results after just 4 days on this formula, it worked so great that we just ordered 5 more bottles, we will continue to give them all this supplement each day mixed in with their wet food at dinner! This is the best hip & joint supplement we have ever tried and we now will not use anything else! Our oldest has a new spark of energy and runs and jumps without a problem at all now and our little girl now walks and runs without a limp. It it so wonderful to see this in them and our healthy 3 year old male never wants to stop playing! Your Liquid Hip & Joint formula is amazing!!! Thank You 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Sincerely Molasses, Bronco, & Pecan Newman

Lorena N.

Virginia Beach, VA

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