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Back to Being our Fun Loving Active Dog

Back to Being our Fun Loving Active Dog

I’d like to introduce you to my 9 year old Westie named Mojo. He’s always been an active dog – daily walks, special “puppy days” in the bush, ice fishing at the lake in winter – but about a year ago, he started having hip problems. My vet x-rayed and tested him and told me it is just part of him becoming a senior dog and prescribed him steroids to stop the limping and pain killers for when he had a bad hip day.

Like most pampered pooches, Mojo is pretty fussy about his food and snacks and wanted nothing to do with any of the “treats” I tried – and I tried many. Finally, my husband went into our local pet store and the sales clerk recommended your Liquid-Vet trial pack to him. And from the first time I put it on his food he actually ate it! And what’s even more amazing, after a week he was still eating his food with it on it! I have now gone through the trial bottle, a large bottle and started in on a second large bottle and he STILL eats his food. As a matter of fact, I put his food in his bowl and he waits for me to pour the Liquid-Vet on it before he starts to eat.

After a couple of weeks on your formula, I weaned Mojo off of the steroids and I’m happy to report he hasn’t had a bad hip day in months. I can’t tell you how happy we are to have our Mojo back. Sure, he’s slowed down a step or two (but who hasn’t over the years), but he’s back to being our fun loving active dog.

Naomi H.,
Carstairs, AB

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