Why Liquid-Vet?
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    My dog loves it

    "I am very satisfied with Liquid-Vet. Chance loves it! He’s a large Golden Retriever at 128 lbs. We have always given our dog tablets, but this is much easier and better for him. We will continue to use this." - Cathy C., Clearwater FL

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    "My wife and I are thankful for Liquid-Vet for our cat. It seems to maintain his occasional joint stiffness. Two thumbs up and at least one paw." - Tom & Beverley, BC

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    Easy to use

    "I've been using Liquid-Vet Joint Formulas and I must say, I absolutely LOVE it! I cannot say enough good things about it...not only do my horses feel great, but they look great too! Feeding powders is complicated and my horse leaves a lot at the bottom of the feeder. With Liquid-Vet I just dose during mealtime." - Jessica, ON

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    My dog is transformed

    "My dog is transformed! We will be buying more of this magical product! She isn’t as agile as she was when she was younger but noticeably more limber now since taking this product. We’re glad we've tried it." - Vi

Customer Testimonials

Extremely Easy to Administer

Liquid-Vet Dog and Feline Joint Formulas provide nearly 3x the therapeutic doses of the active ingredients and have very few inactives and artificial ingredients. Plus, our patients like the fact that these formulas are extremely easy to administer. Dr. Kimberly, DVM, Four Paws Veterinary Hospital Leading Integrative Veterinary Practice

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How are you doing? I’m emailing with such great news! I cannot Thank you enough for this product you make. My very large American Bully has been on a diet as of the last 6 months. She was weighing in at a whopping 97lbs at her largest weight. I was very worried as she has …

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